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 A Message from Nelson Tree Service:

Nelson tree service in conjunction with PPL Electric Utilities will be performing routine vegetation management within the Towamensing Trails POA area. This work will begin in early September and continue through December 2018.

We will soon be in your neighborhood performing tree trimming and clearing work underneath the utility power lines. This will include trimming trees on your property, removal of any brush less than 6 inches and removal of any hazardous tree that may endanger the utility structures.  This work is necessary to keep limbs form contacting power lines and causing outages. We continue to work to improve reliability for you and your neighbors.

Since trees are the common cause of power outages, vegetation management is a critical part of providing safe, reliable electric service.  If left unmanaged, some vegetation can grow too close to the power lines and cause outages and other unsafe conditions. Tree-related outages can potentially affect thousands of customers for extended periods of time.

 PPL Electric utilities has changed the scope of the vegetation management program because experience has shown more needs to be done to help guard against tree related outages, especially during storms.

 This means trimming more than we have done in the past and removing trees when necessary. We understand this approach is not always popular, but it is the right thing to do to keep the system safe and reliable for all.

 In urban areas, our tree crews typically chip and remove smaller limbs and branches. Larger wood is generally cut into handling lengths and left at the base of the tree for property owner use.

 In rural areas, where possible, our tree crews will pile pruning debris to create wildlife cover and browse opportunities. Larger limb wood will be separated and left for property owner use.

 Request for wood chips are taken by the crew foreman who will do their best to grant any property owner requests. If you do request chips be mindful that contractors will deliver full, loads-5 to 7 cubic yards.  Once wood chips are delivered, Nelson tree is not responsible to remove any unused wood chips.

 We thank you for your time and understanding while we work to make your electric service safe and reliable and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Nelson Tree service Right-of-way agent,

Jennifer Woodbridge


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Dear Towamensing Trails Prop Owners Assoc Inc,

RE: E Palmerton – Achela Fiber Project

PPL Electric Utilities will soon begin planned maintenance work on a power line that

crosses your property or is located near your property.

To maintain safe and reliable service for you and your neighbors, we routinely monitor the

power grid and replace poles, wires and other equipment when necessary. We also add

new equipment, such as smart grid automation, to reduce the number and duration of

electrical outages.

Most work on the PPL system is done by crews from the ground, though helicopters are

used in a limited number of cases.

We expect the work near you to start around September and be completed in January.

This project will not require a service disruption at your home.

We appreciate your patience while crews complete these improvements. Any damage

caused by construction, maintenance and operating activities will be repaired at PPL

Electric Utilities' expense.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 816-341-4402 or 

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Thank you for your cooperation.

from Superior Plus Energy Services

  Community Residential Pricing:

·         Propane – The following pricing offers are available for customers with SPES owned tanks**

o    Additional discounts will be offered to accounts with an annual usage of over 1000 gallons at the discounted rate of $1.699 per gallon.

o    If your annual usage is over 500 gallons, you can take advantage of the offered rate of $1.799 per gallon.

o    If your annual usage is less than 500 gallons, you can take advantage of the offered rate of $2.399 per gallon.

·         Heating Oil – Please contact us for the pricing offer available.  Pricing available can vary depending on annual usage.

  •  Revised July, 2017